Unconstitutional Family Court

7“Civil” Contempt of Court.


Nothing is really “Civil” about it.  Your rear can be tossed in the can AND they can try to strip you of your right to testify against yourself because, you know……


It really ain’t criminal.




They can throw your rear in the can, until you comply….or THEY think you will comply.


Dads (mostly) and Moms have put up with this in Family Court.


And what if the Court, and the bureaucrats that service their offices, do not comply to their own orders?  What happens to them?


I will tell you what happens:  They drag you through endless proceedings and threaten you with contempt when you cause a stir and bring those contemptuous acts to light.


That is what happens.


It is a threat technique and it assists in:  Harm to our Families and Children.


The Fathers of this Nation are tossing in their graves with the corruption in Our Country!



I don’t have a say if I am abused…..

At the Age of 14, without parental consent, my daughter can:

Get birth control or a birth control subscription.  (Even though 16 is the legal sexual consent age…..)

Can decide what her “gender” is, on any given day.

Request to be, and if found suitable, be hospitalized for mental illness.  (Who would deem it suitable??? Government…..) This would be limited inpatient care, but if the courts deem it ok, then she can commit herself.  She can also get outpatient services too. (Oh!  The information gathered in the outpatient services MAY not be available for the parent. How about that?  Who determines that?)

Get substance abuse help, without notification being give to a parent.  AND again this medical information MAY NOT be available to the parent(s).

Get medical or surgical care for diagnoses and treatment of a venereal disease or HIV.


But at 14…..my daughter cannot make a decision to be safe and ask to stay away from her abuser…..

At 14…..her word is not reliable, even with witnesses, to save her from more harm…..

But she can get the pill, without her parents’ consent to go have sex……


What does this teach a young lady?

Allergies and Abuse: What Happens When Adults Bully Children?



As promised, we are on to #1 from the past blog:


We are seeing more and more severe allergies popping out of the woodwork.  An increase in anaphylactic reactions and deaths. Recent allergy related deaths of young people who mistakenly eat foods that cause the severe reactions have been making headlines. The anaphylactic reactions that killed them have sadly and unfortunately been helping bring attention to other areas that revolve around severe allergies:


Baiting, Bashing, Bullying


Bullying is a form of abuse. It can include baiting the victim and then bashing them to humiliate them. It is different than friendly teasing and can have deadly consequences. It can be verbal, emotional/mental and physical. It can be all three, combined.


We see so many forms of bullying when it comes to young people. So many avenues to attack, with fast communication options and the world of social media. But what about those bullying situations that cross a very narrow line:   When tools of bullying can lead to death. Every day items. Tools such as using food against an allergic person.


Other Allergy Bullying related stories have surfaced as more attention has been brought to the forefront by different allergy research and awareness group.


I have read articles, from news sources to personal blogs and documentaries about this form of bullying happening in schools and to young people who suffer with severe allergies. You read about everything from young people poking fun at the allergic child and making sure they feel excluded by mocking their allergy, to telling others that it is not real, to physically endangering the allergic child with food: Throwing food at them, trying to get them to eat something that could lead to a severe reaction, tricking them into eating food they are allergic to. These bully tactics could lead to severe reactions of anaphylaxis.


That crosses a line. A line that is threatening and endangering.


Now when a child does this to another child, they are held accountable and sometimes punished (expelled, etc.). Other times it is just very young children with a lack of understanding about what serious repercussions their actions can have on someone, and there is a burst of education that all benefit from. But for those times when no amount of advocacy helps and the activity continues, there is no question when a child is removed from a situation like those food threatening examples that are given above. It is done in the best interest of the child’s health and mental well being.


Now what if there was an adult who was doing any of those things noted above? Doing any of those things fully knowing what anaphylaxis is or they just doesn’t believe what tests and doctors have reported? OR even worse: Done ALL of those things and more? What would be done?


Think about that…

An adult trying to force a child to eat a food that testing and past reactions show will lead to something very severe: anaphylaxis. An adult physically pushing and poking and slapping a child that would not eat food that is, or noted as possibly containing, an allergen that WILL cause a severe reaction. If that adult does not change or only acts like that when left alone with the child, and the child speaks out and begs not to be put in that situation, what do you do? What if the child had shown signs of milder reactions after being around that adult? What if someone witnessed the adult do such things?


Do you punish that child by making them just deal with it?


What if I told you that this happens.


From friends to relatives to parents, this happens. And the children are not only put in harm’s way, they are mentally and emotionally scarred. And our courts are not prepared to deal with the problem.


Trying to force a person to eat a food that will cause anaphylaxis IS endangering their life….if not more.


What if the child is at the end of their rope and the stress of it is taking a toll on their emotions? What if they threaten to run away if they are forced to be in a situation where an adult will torment them over their food allergies, yet again? What if they just decide to give up and eat whatever is given to them, because life has been too hard and they get hurt anyway when they try to protect themselves?


How can this be addressed and handled in today’s society? How does our failing court system handle this? My experience of how it is dealt with today is this: For the child to face their abuser repeatedly as they lie and change their story several times to cover up what they have done (or try to do so) in “reunification” style counseling.   (With those counselors never once getting medical info themselves or consulting allergy awareness groups.) Force the child to take calls from the bully to only listen to the abuser taunt them more by telling the child that they are overdramatic and just living in crazy fear, (because they think no one else is listening and no one can by court order). And the worse is eventually being forced to stay with them even though the “allergy-disability mental” abuse has been substantiated.


A young person advocates for themselves, their wellbeing, begging to stop being treated so badly and no one will listen or understand:

This form of bullying is VERY dangerous and should not be allowed to continue.


Come to think of it:


When it comes right down to it….should we even consider this “Bullying” when adults are the perpetrators? If the adult is well aware of the severe food allergy and the results of eating/having contact with the food and then that adult still feeds or tries to force a child to eat……Wouldn’t that be medical neglect?


“Grandpa and Grandma think that my parents are overreacting. When I stay with them, Grandpa keeps trying to get me to eat what I am not supposed to and tells me if I don’t it will hurt Grandma’s feelings. He says that my parents just don’t know what is good for a kid. I feel bad and I don’t want to tell my parents and hurt my family. I just throw away the food. I am afraid I am going to get caught by them when I stay with them, though.  I am really afraid I might eat something bad.”


“Mom and Dad broke up. Dad says mom just has me on crazy diets and that I am being over dramatic because of the split. Dad won’t go to the allergist. He won’t listen to mom. He won’t listen to his own mom, either! He always tries to take me out to eat at places that have nuts or nut sauces and he yells at me and then complains I am stubborn like my mom. The last time he pushed and started poking me in the head.  That didn’t feel nice and kinda hurt.   That wasn’t the first time…. He keeps stuff in his house near food I am supposed to eat. When I have I eaten there, I end up getting so sick. Mom doesn’t know about the food in his house. I think he will be mad at me if I tell. This doesn’t feel right.”


“My teacher doesn’t pay attention to the allergies I have. I have a plan at school, but she keeps making me feel bad when I bring it up in class. She gets mad and says it probably isn’t that bad. She always has candies and treats with stuff I can’t have in them. I get scared, but I am getting embarrassed always having to bring attention to myself in class. I already feel different. I don’t want people to think I am a weirdo.”


Real stuff. Pretty messed up.


Food Allergy Awareness Bullying General Info


Food Allergy Fact Sheet


Food As A Weapon: Bullying



Big Government in Your Family


Still not sorry for speaking the truth……

I have spent many months studying, consulting with others who have an educational background and knowledge on situations at hand (both severe allergies and abuse), as well as legal and medical professionals.
There are Areas that I will cover more in depth SOON as well as taking to the MEDIA and LEGALLY  (BAR ASSOC) against……


What I have found through my own family’s situation and others that are out there :


  1. Allergies: What people do not understand and don’t want to understand…can lead to ABUSE.


In the upcoming weeks we will post how allergies and the mis-info that is out there can lead to abuse…..


Unfortunately, abuse is at the hands of peers and adults both.

I have witnessed and heard of abuse where severe allergies are concerned (The Top 8) with both peers and ADULTS who do not understand that this falls within “special needs” and many people (and young people) have their rights to life and pursuit of happiness trampled on………………..and extinguished before they “legally” have a say in how they take charge of their allergies and well-being.


Sometimes this comes out of mis-info, which spirals out of control on endless memes or passed along emails or Fake News and Misleading Headlines.  Some of this comes out of shear unwillingness to work with parents/partners who have been there, consulting with the doctors and have been condemned because of personal conflict between partners.  The Best Interest of the Child is Forgotten.  You can give whatever social-friendly Title that fits your genre, but it is what it is: Child Medical Neglect.  Some of this comes out of a society that may spout agendas for life and liberty or social justice………from both sides of political and religious aspects………………..BUT when it comes down to action for people who need help:  No one has the time or cares that much.


  1. Mass Hysteria: Parental Alienation and the Junk Science it is (From both Moms and Dads, alike)…The Legal system is out to Abuse YOU BOTH!


This is not a Dad vs. Mom thing.

This is not a male abuser vs. a feminist thing.

What is this???


This IS:

A money maker.

The REAL stats and analytical research tends to rule against the theory that has been DISPROVED and is not APA accepted……repeatedly.  Emotion in our ever changing society and the family structure has us bending in another way….A way that is away from reality.


When you see it for what it is, it is now bigger than the Gardner theory that ended in suicide and acceptance of pedophilia……….


It is a judicial cartel that can make LOADS of money off of this!  Seriously, many times both sides pay: Abuser, PA accused, victims, families of victims…..and in the end who gets the most?  Our families struggle financially and emotionally playing into the hands of government entities instead of letting things work naturally.  And that naturally plays a big tune with those who believe in God and those who want to allow nature or the natural flow of things to work themselves out.  Why are we allowing some money making Government to hold our families down and accountable to THEIR WILL?  Families that already suffer so much???

HOT TOPIC of THE DAY: PAS & PA Discredited But Still (Mis)Used


I am going to be a bit Frank on a BS JUNK science theory that is being used in our courts and by attorneys to make money. 



Yes.  BS.  No other acronym or word suits this more than “BS”.  That is what it is, so please pardon the acronym for the “french”.  When a crackpot not-so-professional uses terminology based on being deceitful and assisting an abuser, then I just call it what it is:  BS.  Mostly when it hurts people — people already hurt by the same legal-quasi-professional for political reasons.


If you are in the field of screwing over families for a dime, and you want to use junk “soft-science” that was created by a perv and pedophile-approver such as Gardner, I think you need to re-evaluate your morals and your practice…..and your own family.


PAS BS  is not accepted and should not be………by the Legal or Psychological home front.




Recently I have become aware of this disproved junk being used in family courts.  Not only that, but being used by attorneys.


I think that this is a serious BAR Assoc. issue.


I believe that when it is used and causes legal tie-ups, loss of work, loss of money and imposes mental anguish, stress and hardship, those in the legal realm who use this false science, should be held accountable.


I also think that this is a serious issue as we look at the break down in the American families and how our government agencies are allowed to overreach.  AND overreach with non-medical assessments; disproved theories that were created by one such as Gardner.  When our government is allowed to overreach in cases when Abuse is substantiated, and drag along those substantiated cases due to looking into false theories of PAS and PA, IT and ALL involved need to be held accountable.


From the National Council for Juvenile and Family Court Judges:

“Echoing the scientific consensus, a leading judicial body, the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges (NCJFCJ), has published guidelines for custody courts stating:


[t]he discredited “diagnosis” of “PAS” (or

allegation of “parental alienation”), quite apart

from its scientific invalidity, inappropriately asks

the court to assume that the children’s behaviors

and attitudes toward the parent who claims to be

“alienated” have no grounding in reality. It also

diverts attention away from the behaviors of the

abusive parent, who may have directly influenced

the children’s responses by acting in violent,

disrespectful, intimidating, humiliating and/or

discrediting ways toward the children themselves,

or the children’s other parent (Dalton, Drozd, &

Wong, 2006, p. 24).



The American Prosecutors’ Research Institute and

National District Attorneys’ Association have also

rejected PAS (Ragland & Field, 2003).”



BUT PEOPLE, GET THIS:  IT IS USED AND FREQUENTLY!  Theories that are not even accepted by the psychiatric community!


“Court rulings on admissibility. Most family courts

accept PAS contained in an opinion offered by

an evaluator or Guardian Ad Litem (GAL) (legal

representative for the child) without ever questioning

its scientific validity or admissibility.”



I have seen, witnessed, heard, and also dealt with too much crap that flies into a person’s life from Government intrusion and the breakdown in the American Family.  When our Family Courts are allowed to run amuck and use junk science that has been discredited, to only dissolve a family more or allow abuse and neglect to continue, AND ALSO drain families dry of funds to support their family……HOUSTON WE HAVE A PROBLEM.




Let’s start holding our government, attorneys and family courts accountable.





Negligence & Misfeasance

Neglect   & Misfeasance

That is where we are with this case folks……Layout 1


Here we have a Neglectful parent who has been SUBSTANTIATED for the Mental Abuse that they have caused, let alone an area that some of you Allergy parents completely understand:

Allergy Bullying.

And then we have Another parent who is trying to not neglect their child’s health needs and best interest.

If you have read the blog here, you know just a fraction of the story.


And then we have a corrupt system……

That  is where the Misfeasance comes into play.


What is misfeasance?


Def:  noun, Law.

1 – a wrong, actual or alleged, arising from or consisting of affirmative action.

2 – the wrongful performance of a normally lawful act; the wrongful and injurious exercise of lawful authority.


Or we have to ask at this point of the game:  Is this Malfeasance at this point, since it seems someone messed up and is still trying to cover up what they did wong????

That is what has happened here folks.

I have a written letter that our good ole’ FOC wrote taking the blame……………and yet they continued to mishandle the case.  (Probably out of fear because they wronged victims who do not want to be victims any longer.  We have been hurt enough!)



And so, I just finished up another grievance, prepared for tomorrow.

This time, the grievance doesn’t stop at the County building.  This time the BAR Association, Peanut Allergy and Food Allergy Groups and the Media will be involved.

A teenager now:  My daughter has had enough and has been ignored.  Trying to make this a “he said” vs. “she said” game is old and may be the cookie cutter attitude that works to get out of a lot of family problems and allow bureaucrats the effort of not getting their hands dirty (where they really don’t belong anyways). All these groups really care about is how much they make off of the child support they suck out of parents and keeping a case load to keep their government jobs.

Ignoring and sweeping aside a case like this, as well as lying….not good!  Not acceptable……and I think it will be frowned on by the Allergy Community.

Sometimes, you have those Real Things.

Allergy Abuse and Neglect.  It is real.

Nut Allergies are No Joke.  Abusing and bullying others is not either.

Corrupt Government:  Had Enough!





Silence Kills


untitledFor the last two days I have been writing, crying and deleting…..

……..writing, crying, and then deleting.

The words get too angry and I start to ramble out of sadness, anger, frustration…..

I hold back the tears until I start to feel like I am going to vomit. I screamed and cried when I got the text message to confirm what I feared that morning….two days ago.


There are so many words that keep falling out on the blank page……..and they are all just horrible. I can’t believe I am writing them.

I will start with the one word that drives this all:


I haven’t blogged in months. So much has happened and yet not happened. Attorney’s advice just to stay quite online.

I will not be silent……



My daughter finally had enough and told me so much of what else was going on when she was with her father. She had videotaped the filth she had to live in, in his apartment. (The tub was 3x’s as bad as the shot below and the black streaming down the bathroom walls was just the beginning.) She told me how he had left a bag of peanuts in his car glove box and had her reach into that area,only to have her almost grab the bag of nuts. The way he torments her with bullying her about her severe peanut allergy is twisted. Sitting next to her on his dirty couch, while he shoves one peanut butter cup in his mouth after another, and gets mad at her because she doesn’t sit near him while he eats the food that can kill her.

She is an activist and has participated in activist groups for several years now.  Through these activities she hears so many people say: write your senator…..write your congressman….etc. So she did. She wrote the Governor about her predicament and mailed off a letter.

And you know what?

It took that for CPS to finally respond.

And they substantiated him on abuse………….

And you know what?

The local courts still felt like charging me with contempt of court, because she does not feel safe going with her father and I did not force her to go with him. He did not try to get her to come stay with him either.  He hasn’t made attempts to go to counseling with her, either. Has made no attempt to talk about it and get things worked out. He just hired an attorney and lied, lied, lied, lied. (Lied to the CPS officer too. The things he made up about her are insane! Glad to see they saw through the most obvious lies.) And in all of this the FOC was supposed to, by court order, investigate the matter and contact CPS themselves – They never did! They dropped the case for year and never responded back to all of the complaints and questions from me… until I took the stand of not forcing my child to go with someone she claimed was harming her.

Then I got slapped.


So this leads to the text message I got two days ago. My anger…..my tears.


My child is ok for now……


Another child is not – she is dead.

From Abuse. Stabbed and left to burn in the home……alone.

Abuse killed a sweet little 5 year old girl. A little girl I knew….The granddaughter of my longtime, childhood, silly teenager-years, bridesmaid friend.

I am sad.

I am angry.

My heart hurts.


Here I have been bending over backwards, losing sleep, losing money, losing normal life-time to deal with someone who has been hurting my child……and I read the comments that are splattered all over the news and social sites about this little girl’s case……and I get even more angry and ill.

The system is broken. Women and men stay with their abusers….yes.


Besides thinking that you can do something to change yourself that will make it all better or make your abuser better……

Besides those who are guilt-tripped in to staying together for the kids or just making it work one last time………

Besides the endless evil cycle of “I saw mom get hurt by dad” or “mom always hurt dad”, and “this is how relationships are supposed to be – tough”……..

Besides all of those excuses, I will tell you:

Because when you do speak out and you have substantial proof and you try to get people to help you and you beg people to help your child……………..they won’t.

………and then you are left without a home and people can’t let you stay with them because their husband doesn’t want to get in the middle……and the ex has locked you and your child out of your home and locked down the bank account that you have your checks auto-deposited in and your work can’t get it changed for weeks…..and he cancels your insurance…….and he stalks you at work and around town and calls you 100’s of times over to either threaten you and then to beg you to still love him to then back to threatening you again…….. and then you have to get a PPO……and then you only have your mom to help……….

……..and then when you finally get away and it has taken years to repair your self-worth and you start again……………… the abuser gets itchy and jealous and starts messing with your child when he can’t bother you anymore…………….

…….and then people still don’t want to get in the middle even though they have heard and seen and know what the abuser has done…..your brother-in-law says at least she is only abused every other week……..your father says at least she has a good base to come back to……family asks what they can do and you tell them and nothing………..and then there is the government control aspect that really fails: the FOC Admin says at least your child is smart and knows what will make her sick or cause anaphylaxis (even though the abuser has tried to force her to eat that very same food and bullied her and made fun of her and physically hurt her and intimidated her when she would not……and they ignore that the abuser does not provide medical care when she has been sick in his care, or injured)…….


Let me tell you:




And then they only care and judge, once it is too late…..and then everyone is to blame, except those who could have helped and didn’t lift a finger.

Like what I read from people who don’t know or have a clue of anything about what happened.  Everyone has an opinion and everyone wants to judge, but no one wanted to help!

I don’t know most of what happened to this little angel, recently. What I do know is my own experience….and some of the past.

I am sad. I am angry.


This just strengthens my resolve to keep fighting the fight.

So I write this:

The mother of the man who once abused me and has abused my child, knows what he has done. Grandma has apologized to her granddaughter for what her son has done and continues to do. But grandma still backs her abusive son, showed up to support him in court. She has spent most of a year not even trying to contact her granddaughter…..until now and only to put a guilt trip on my child. She misses her and wants to call her again. Now that she stood by the abusers side during court….after all the times she apologized to my daughter for the man abusing her and hurting her……………but she can’t speak out to help her granddaughter. Why? Because she says she is afraid she won’t be able to see her granddaughter ever again. Maybe that grandma needs to talk to the one who really will never be able to see her granddaughter again. Right?

Sandy – Don’t let the cycle continue!

I am not sorry for speaking the truth.